There are several ways you can get more involved in your area to help Clean Water for North Carolina pursue clean, safe, affordable water and environmental justice for all!

Writing and photography
Tell the story of an environmental justice issue or water threat near you! Talk to us about writing articles, taking photos or videos.

Time commitment: Flexible based on your project


Community outreach
Make phone calls or accompany a staff member into the field to do door-to-door outreach to communities about their drinking water, let neighborhoods near a proposed new polluting facility know about upcoming hearings, or other outreach goals.

Time commitment: Opportunities vary by month. Best times for outreach include evenings and weekends.

Tabling and events
Help represent Clean Water for NC at festivals, fairs, and events in your area. We will provide a training to interested volunteers.

Time commitment: one hour or less per week looking for possible events and communicating with CWFNC staff; one-time 2-hour training; times for tabling vary by event.

Educational programs and film screenings
We work with local residents to set up educational events and film screenings about our issues. We’d love to work with you to expand our outreach and reach new people! Contact our staff to get started.

Time commitment: Flexible

Depending on your skills and interests, we have also worked with volunteers to research topics and produce factsheets, write letters to the editor in local papers, translate outreach materials into other languages, host house parties and fundraising events, and work on mailings and other office projects.