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Clean Water for North Carolina is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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Nov. 20, 10-2PM, NC Environmental Justice and Equity Board meeting, agenda TBA, Walnut Creek Wetland Center, Raleigh

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Ask Gov. McCrory to VETO the Polluter Protection Act

In the wee hours of the last night of their session, the NC House passed House Bill 765, the worst environmental legislation in years! Packed full of handouts to industry and polluters, it leaves NC communities with fewer protections than ever against toxic contamination, air pollution and the whims of big corporations.

Governor Pat McCrory

Ask Governor McCrory to protect people’s health, not polluting industry!

Please contact Gov. McCrory now at 919-814-2000 or and ask him to VETO House Bill 765, and protect clean, safe water and air for the people of NC!

We hear the Governor’s phones are ringing off the hook – if you can’t get through at the above number, try calling 919-814-2050 and just leave a message.


  • Allows polluters to escape enforcement when they self-report environmental violations, and hides the self-disclosed violation reports from nearby neighborhoods and communities! The changes now allow criminal investigations to access this information, but not civil investigations, which are much more likely.
  • Weakens standards for groundwater cleanup, leaving NC’s millions of private well users vulnerable by allowing polluters to leave contamination in place and slap minimal and hard to enforce land use restrictions on the property.

Thank you for taking action!

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