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Nov. 16, 10:00 – 4:00 PM, Statewide Action to Stop the LNG Facility in Robeson Co.!

Nov. 19, 5:00 PM, Public Hearing on MVP Southgate’s 401 Water Quality Certification, Rockingham Comm. College Advanced Technologies Auditorium 560 County Home Road, Reidsville

Nov. 20, 10-2PM, NC Environmental Justice and Equity Board meeting, agenda TBA, Walnut Creek Wetland Center, Raleigh

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Help sustain Gov. Perdue’s vetoes of S709, S781

Your calls needed to NC legislators
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It took a lot of courage for Gov. Perdue to veto several very bad bills that came out of the NC General Assembly last session. However, a short session that starts JULY 13 will offer a chance for legislators to override the Governor’s veto of S709 (bad drill bill that promotes offshore oil drilling and “studies” how to change NC regulations to allow fracking) and S781 (undermines current and future protective environmental rules). 3/5 of present and voting legislators would be needed to override these vetoes of S709 and S781, and it will be very close!

Many of you advocated strongly to have the Governor veto S709 and S781, and you were heard. Now your voice is needed again — call your NC Senator and Representatives and ask them to sustain the Governor’s veto by being present at the vote to override the veto and voting NO to the override! (Find your NC legislator’s phone number). Tell your legislators why you are asking them to sustain the veto.

Check back here for updates on plans for study of possible hydrofracking in NC under another bill, H242.

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