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Bad bill alert: Right to know what’s in your drinking water threatened!

Oppose House Bill 1005 / Senate Bill 779

Drinking water is not a partisan issue. Call your Representative and Senator now (look them up by county here, then click their name to view contact information), to ask them to oppose “Issuance of Advisories/Drinking Water Stds” bill!

View our factsheet on the bill.

Please call or email your state representative and state senator today!

Here’s what you need to know, and share with your Representative and Senator:

Is your water safe

  • For many years, state Health officials notified well owners about contamination, natural or man-made, found in any well test at a concentration high enough that the officials knew it could have short or long term health effects. State Health and environmental staff have researched and developed dozens of health-based “screening levels” in order to advise well owners, but these are advisory only (not enforceable).
  • DEQ wants this bill to stop the entire health-based notification program and depend only on federal drinking water standards. Those standards, known as MCLs, exist for only about 60 of the hundreds of contaminants that have been documented in NC waters, and are often much weaker (less protective) than heath-based screening levels for the same contaminants.
  • The bill would prevent health departments from issuing any health based notifications to public water customers, too! Sometimes pollution incidents happen involving a contaminant with no federal standard at all, threatening a public water supply, but this bill could keep the public or water customers from knowing.

This bill is about protecting water polluters of many kinds: coal ash dumps, chemical manufacturers, possible frackers, fuel storage, livestock operations and more.

Call your Representative and Senator now. Ask them to oppose HB1005 / SB779, the “Issuance of Advisories/Drinking Water Stds” bill. We ALL have the right to know what’s in our water!

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