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Nov. 20, 10-2PM, NC Environmental Justice and Equity Board meeting, agenda TBA, Walnut Creek Wetland Center, Raleigh

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Advocates, officials hold press conference in Sanford tonight

Groups and Local Elected Officials to Hold Press Conference Tuesday, March 20, 5:50 PM
Dennis Wicker Center Lecture Hall, 1801 Nash St. Sanford, NC

After reviewing the over-400 page report released by DENR last Friday, eight groups planning a press conference for Tuesday say the conclusion that hydraulic fracturing “can be done safely provided the right protections are in place,” is simply not supported by the information in report itself.
Fracking Sign
Speakers at the press conference will point to issues raised by the report that contradict the conclusion given, to critical information on studies relevant for North Carolina that is lacking from the report, and to the extreme complexity of the local control, economic and environmental issues raised by hydraulic fracturing. Perhaps most evident in the report is the overwhelming lack of readiness of state officials and agencies to manage an oil and gas program.

Confirmed speakers for the press conference include:

  • Mayor Darryl Moss, Creedmoor, Granville County
  • County Commissioner Sally Kost, Chatham County
  • Mayor Randy Voller, Pittsboro, Chatham County
  • Luke Cranford, Cumnock Preservation Assoc., Lee County
  • Therese Vick, Anson County Water, Air, Land and Lives
  • Joe McDonald, President, Save Our Sandhills, Moore County

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