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Take Action on Fracking in NC

Currently, NC regulations prohibit 1) horizontal drilling, 2) high pressure injections for fracturing, 3) injection of toxic waste. Very low permitting and bonding ($5,000) is required, far from adequate to support a regulatory program or protect NC resources or neighboring properties.

Some key issues for NC communities (air quality, wastewater trucking to sewage plants, surface impacts) will not be addressed in EPA’s narrowed study. Also, the study focuses on shale gas; will not consider coal bed methane which lies above shale in many NC locations.

House Bill 242, introduced by Reps. Mike Stone (Lee) and Mitch Gillespie (Burke, McDowell) calls only for insignificant increase in bonding for gas operation to $10,000. It also fails to call for a ban, or tighter oversight of exploratory drilling. Concerned NC residents must speak out to prevent this weak bill from becoming an invitation to overturning NC protections!


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