Aqua North Carolina Wants to Raise Your Rates AGAIN!
What you should know for the 2020 rate case:

** NC Utilities Commission has suspended all public hearings for the Aqua rate case during COVID. Please check for updates.”

It’s been a little over a year since Aqua North Carolina’s last rate hike, and the company is again requesting that the North Carolina Utilities Commission raise rates for its customers across the state. 

Aqua cites reductions in water consumption across its service territory as a driving factor for raising rates – blaming customers for conserving water at the tap. They also claim they’ve invested millions in water system infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, even though customers continue to be burdened by brown, particle-ladden water and clogged filtration systems.

If the Utilities Commission grants Aqua’s rates, the average water bill for customers would increase by 12%, while sewer bills would rise by 10%.

Submit your comment to the NC Utilities Commission today and tell them to DENY Aqua’s proposed rates!

If you would like more information on the proposed rates, upcoming hearing dates (not yet scheduled), or would like to work with a network of Aqua customers across the state to fight Aqua’s corporate control of our drinking water, please email Rachel at

You can also view the Aqua’s application for their rate request here
1-Page Fact Sheet on 2020 Rate Hike
1/4-Page Handout on Hearings

Note: We are not Aqua North Carolina or associated with this company. If you are trying to reach the company to report a customer service problem, you can reach them at 1-877-987-2782.

Our research and conversations with customers have led us to create this resource page specific to one company, about whom we’ve received the greatest number of concerns. However, Clean Water for NC does NOT recommend sales of water or wastewater systems to any private utilities, believing that public ownership and and hookups of small systems to nearby municipal systems, and local control are almost always in the best interest of water/wastewater customers.

Customers of the private water/sewer company Aqua North Carolina have concerns about the company’s prices, service, responsiveness, and other practices. Aqua NC is a subsidiary of Aqua America, a highly profitable investor-owned company. CWFNC believes the NC Utilities Commission needs to change the way it regulates water and sewer companies so that customers are protected and companies don’t profit at the expense of North Carolinians’ right to clean, safe water and sanitation.

Profit-driven corporations want control over your city’s public water systems. What could go wrong?

The Story of Water (video above) exposes the dangers of water privatization and highlights innovative solutions that cities are adopting that keep water management in public hands. Water is a human right and shouldn’t be controlled by corporations whose primary motivation is profit.