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Clean Water for North Carolina is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

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Nov. 20, 10-2PM, NC Environmental Justice and Equity Board meeting, agenda TBA, Walnut Creek Wetland Center, Raleigh

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Victory for Coal Ash Communities Across NC!

You did it! You spoke out against injustice, and won!

On April 1st, DEQ announced that communities across North Carolina will have toxic coal ash removed from unlined, leaking pits and placed in lined landfills. Since the Dan River spill 5 years ago, impacted coal ash community members and advocates have been coming together to demand cleanup of the coal ash that Duke Energy dumped in their communities.

There have been countless letters written, phone calls made, and comments sent asking the NC Department of Environmental Quality to make Duke clean up their mess. Most recently in January, over a thousand people took time out of their own busy schedules to show up one more time at public meetings to raise their voices and urge DEQ to fulfill their mission to protect communities and the environment. And this time, THEY LISTENED!

We at Clean Water for North Carolina wish to express our sincere gratitude to all who have come together to make this historic moment of celebration possible. We thank the state officials who acknowledged the dangers of leaving coal ash sitting in groundwater where it would continue to pollute. We thank the many advocates, neighbors, and concerned citizens across the state who helped to spread the word and provide support to the communities who wished to organize for justice.

But most of all, we honor the resilience of folks who have been most directly impacted by the tragedy of pollution in their own neighborhoods. This victory is yours, and we celebrate with you! We will continue to stand by your side and echo your demands for justice!

Forward in solidarity!

Clean Water for NC is a member of the Alliance of Carolinians Together (ACT) Against Coal Ash, which has worked to help protect coal ash neighbor communities across the state.

DEQ Public Meetings on Final Closure of 6 Major NC Coal Ash Sites

As DEQ announced the ranking of 6 large coal ash sites in NC as “low risk” on Nov. 14th, they also announced public “meetings” to give the public a chance to give input on closure plans for these sites. We know that Duke wants to close these sites by “Capping in Place” to save in cleanup costs, but that will only leave the ash looming over communities and leaching toxic contaminants into groundwater, dropping the leash on many major federal coal ash violations.  Clean Water for NC, along with the ACT Against Coal Ash Alliance, calls for complete excavation of ash at these sites and removal to lined, above ground sites on Duke Energy property!

Come out to one or more of these public information meetings to demand that DEQ holds Duke accountable for the toxic coal ash waste in our communities!  DEQ information here.

The meetings will be held at 6:00 p.m. on the following dates:

Jan. 10 Belew’s Creek Steem Station meeting: Walnut Cove Elem. School
Address: 1211 Walnut Cove School Road, Walnut Cove

Jan. 15 Mayo Power Station meeting: Mayo Park Environmental Education Comm. Center
Address: 1013 Neal’s Store Rd, Roxboro

Jan. 17 Marshall Steam Station meeting: Sherrills Ford Elementary School
Address: 8103 Sherrills Ford Rd, Sherrills Ford

Jan. 22 Cliffside Steam Station meeting: Chase High School
Address: 1603 Chase High Rd, Forest City

Jan. 24 Roxboro Power Station meetingPerson High School
 Address: 1010 Ridge Rd, Roxboro

Jan. 29 mtg on Allen Steam StationStuart Cramer High School
Address: 101 Lakewood Road, Belmont

Environmental Justice Network Meets in Northampton County!

The North Carolina Environmental Justice Network will hold a meeting Saturday, Dec. 29, in Gaston, close to I-95! Hosted by The Concerned Citizens of Northampton County, this meeting will cover environmental and social justice topics, including impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and discussion of the election outcome.

Click HERE to Register to let us know you are coming, as lunch will be provided!
Please RSVP by 4PM on Friday, December 21

If you miss the 4PM deadline, email Belinda Joyner directly by 5PM on Sunday, Dec. 23 to RSVP:

Saturday, December 29, 10 AM – 2 PM
Cool Spring Community Center
120 Cherry St.
Gaston, NC 
(Google Map directions)

Don’t forget to register by 4PM Friday, Dec. 21, if you are able to attend, or email Belinda at by 5PM Sunday, Dec. 23!

Does Your Residential Well Need Testing after Flooding or Another Contamination Event?  

Do you suspect that a drinking water well may have been contaminated by floodwaters or another recent contamination event?  The Alliance of Carolinians Together (ACT) Against Coal Ash has funding to help you test your well for several common types of contamination. We’ve arranged with Pace Analytical Laboratories to analyze well water samples for community groups or impacted individuals for the following types of contamination if you see indications:

  • Coal Ash (indications include: grey powder on surface or suspended in water or within 1 mile of coal ash site) àTest for coal ash contaminants
  • Hog Waste or Sewage (indications include:  dark discoloration on ground near well, or sewage-like odor in water) à test forbacteria, ammonia and nitrate
  • Fuels from underground or above ground storage tanks. (indications: sheen on surface of water, fuel smell) à test fordrinking water volatile organic chemicals.

To get your sample vials delivered and be able to collect your samples, please email with your phone number, a good time range to contact you, and what kind of contamination you suspect. We’ll call you within 72 hours to discuss your testing needs.

The ACT Against Coal Ash Relief Fund can cover all expenses for:

  • sending vials to you
  • picking up your samples by courier if necessary,
  • and analyzing them in the lab

Pace Analytical will send the invoices to Clean Water for NC to pay on behalf of ACT, but the lab results will be sent to you, the person or group who collects the samples.  Remember, there’s NO COST TO THE PERSON TAKING SAMPLES, but you need to contact to start the process.