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Frack-Free or Fact-Free Halloween?

Fracking Foes are “downright dangerous” – a scary/fun Halloween commentary – Hope Taylor

In an interview with John Felmy, economist for American Petroleum Insitute, John Murawski reports that Felmy thinks the information we’re offering to the public about fracking is “downright dangerous.”  And Felmy goes further to tie the recent non-violent Croatan Earth First action at DENR to death threats and a physical assault on industry speakers!

While this cultivation of an image of victimhood may seem pretty pathetic or laughable to those of us who know how the industry has been manipulating both truth and public policy for a century, at the expense of the public’s resources, safety and health, we’re clearly striking a nerve. We need to be more assertive about challenging the “facts” that they are making up for press statements, websites and advertisements, and even have a little fun at their expense. And we should expect reporters to hold them accountable, not just passively publishing every statement as if it were documented fact.

The level of outright ignorance of some of those promoting fracking in NC is sometimes breathtaking. Mining and Energy Commission Chair, Jim Womack, recently referred to NC’s “Marcellus formation” at an environmental health meeting, apparently unaware that the Marcellus is a specific shale formation, and there ain’t none of it in NC. Another legislative fracking supporter has made statements to young students  that even the industry has largely backed away from, for instance, saying that water catching on fire has been “proven false” and is caused by methane, not “the actual natural gas.” It doesn’t take a chemistry degree to know that natural gas IS predominantly methane.

By presenting the facts from documented reports and firsthand accounts without exaggeration, we can be the industry’s worst nightmare. In fact, we ARE “downright dangerous” to their plans for a fracked landscape, with for-profit privatized water replacing contaminated streams and groundwater.  Let’s keep ‘em spooked—Happy Halloween everyone!

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