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“Rush to Frack” Bill in House Commerce

Ask your Representatives to vote to OPPOSE S76, which would make the “rush to frack” even more dangerous for communities in several regions of NC:


Stop the rush to frack! Will you join us and call your representative today? Ask them to oppose S76!

  • Last year’s Senate Bill 820, required one final vote of approval after seeing the regulations developed by the Mining and Energy Commission, BEFORE permitting could start. SB76 ignores this promise and would allow permitting to start in March of 2015, no matter how unprotective the regulations are!
  • It would put the livelihood of NC fishermen and coastal tourism and health at risk by promoting offshore oil and gas drilling
  • It would repeal the requirement for “landmen” to register in North Carolina, leaving property owners vulnerable, and limiting public access to records about companies operating in NC
  • It would legalize deep injection of oil and gas wastes, increasing the chance of earthquakes, spills and contamination in areas far from where fracking would occur, probably coastal areas!
  • It prevents local governments from assessing any taxes to pay for the increased costs of road maintenance, emergency and other public services when the industry moves in.
To see if your Representative is on the big Commerce and Job Development Committee, click here for a full list.Whether or not your Representative is on the Commerce Committee, Here’s where to find your Representative’s contact info, listed by county. Simply click on the link to your Representative’s name to get contact information!

Note: S76 has been pulled from the May 22 agenda but we know it’s going to come up again soon! Legislators need to hear from you so please let them know why you’re opposed to this bill. 

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