Clean Water for North Carolina has been working with a coalition of nonprofits and community members pushing for policy changes to increase meaningful public participation and require weighted consideration of EJ and cumulative impacts.

Law & Policy

We are working to ensure Legislation, Executive Orders, and Agency Policies provide for increased access to government decision-making in a meaningful way where the community is part of the process. These include:

  • Meaningful public participation that adequately notifies, engages, and weighs concerns of the public
  • Consideration of EJ and cumulative impacts of proposed actions
  • Denial of permits disproportionately impacting BIPOC and low-income communities

Language Equity

Ensure translations at agency hearings/meetings and of important documents such as permits and utility water quality reports.

Community Toolkit

To help with public participation under the existing system, Clean Water for NC is revamping a whole new Community Toolkit. This will help average folks who don’t do this for a living navigate the confusing and convoluted process that hinders community accessibility to government decision-making.

Part of this process involves your much-needed guidance. Let us HEAR YOUR VOICE. Share your needs, wants, and preferences by responding to our Community Toolkit Survey TODAY!

We will also be holding a series of Listening Sessions in May and June. Stay tuned for more information by signing up to our email list