Clean Water for North Carolina has been working with a coalition of nonprofits and community members pushing for policy changes to increase meaningful public participation and require weighted consideration of EJ and cumulative impacts.

Meaningful participation means that people have an opportunity to be heard AND their concerns carry weight

Law & Policy

We are working to ensure Legislation, Executive Orders, and Agency Policies provide for increased access to government decision-making in a meaningful way where the community is part of the process. These include:

  • Meaningful public participation that adequately notifies, engages, and weighs concerns of the public
  • Consideration of EJ and cumulative impacts of proposed actions
  • Denial of permits disproportionately impacting BIPOC and low-income communities

Language Equity

Ensure translations at agency hearings/meetings and of important documents such as permits and utility water quality reports.

Community Toolkit

To help with public participation under the existing system, Clean Water for NC is revamping a whole new Community Toolkit. This will help average folks who don’t do this for a living navigate the confusing and convoluted process that hinders community accessibility to government decision-making.

Part of this process involves your much-needed guidance. Let us HEAR YOUR VOICE. Share your needs, wants, and preferences by responding to our Community Toolkit Survey TODAY!

We will also be holding a series of Listening Sessions in May and June. Stay tuned for more information by signing up to our email list