Polluting facilities must apply for permits before they construct, operate, and renovate their facilities

Pollution can occur due to discharges to water, air, or soil


NC DEQ is responsible for the following actions when a facility submits a permit application

Setting pollution discharge limits

Drafting the facility’s draft permit

Notifying the public of the application submission

Providing opportunities for public input

CWFNC Reviews Draft Permits Based on the Following Considerations

  • Impact to an Environmental Justice Community
  • Impact on drinking water sources
  • Connection with CWFNC Mission, Goals and Statewide Impact
  • Scope of Community Need
  • History of the Issue with Relationship to CWFNC

CWFNC Follows These Steps in Reviewing a Draft Permit

Thoroughly review all materials 
provided by regulating agency including draft permit and environmental justice report. Utilize tools to consider community demographics, any prior incidents and background of the impacted area.
Community Outreach. 
Determine if any CWFNC members live within the impact area and connect with impacted community members and align with their goals.

Media Attention. 
Draft materials for folks in the area, make additional connections through local newspapers to publicize important dates and events, including Public Hearings or Meetings.
Written Comments. 
Provide written and or oral comments at designated meetings or events to support community members.

Continued Involvement. 
Continue to communicate with community members on updates and any additional environmental concerns.