To promote clean, safe water and environments and empowered, just communities for all North Carolinians through community organizing, education, advocacy and technical assistance.

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Clean, safe, accessible water for all North Carolinians, protected by empowered, educated communities and a publicly accountable government and economy.

There are many ways you can get involved with CWFNC! We are a nonprofit organization, relying on donations to keep our work going.

You can also volunteer with us, or simply become active in your community and make your voice heard when it comes to environmental justice, polluter accountability, and safe drinking water.

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  • Thank YOU for Supporting Our Work to Protect Drinking Water for Everyone!

    Our Water Justice Campaign organizes customers of private, for-profit water utilities like Aqua NC and Carolina Water Service, to hold these corporations accountable for poor water quality, astronomical rates, and inadequate customer service practices.

    As customers of corporate for-profit water companies, these community members have no say about how these corporations are run, but through grassroots organizing in their communities for action at the NC Utilities Commission, we continue to make sure their voices are heard! Recent victories include the NC Utilities Commissioners ordering Aqua NC to improve their customer service practices and fix water quality issues relating to iron and manganese contamination, which causes discolored and putrid smelling water.  We continue to work with these water customers to truly hold these corporations accountable and keep them from raising rates until they deal with the myriad of drinking water concerns customers continue to face…

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