To promote clean, safe water and environments and empowered, just communities for all North Carolinians through community organizing, education, advocacy and technical assistance.

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Clean, safe, accessible water for all North Carolinians, protected by empowered, educated citizens and a publicly accountable government and economy.

There are many ways you can get involved with CWFNC! We are a nonprofit organization, relying on donations to keep our work going.

You can also volunteer with us, or simply become active in your community and make your voice heard when it comes to environmental justice, polluter accountability, and safe drinking water.

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  • Consumers shouldn’t pay cleanup costs for coal ash dumping

    Impacted community members and environmental justice activists won a huge victory earlier this month when the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality, community groups and Duke Energy signed a settlement agreement requiring the utility giant to fully excavate 80 million tons of coal ash from leaking, unlined pits in six sites across the state.

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