Hope Taylor

CWFNC Executive Director Hope Taylor

Executive Director, Durham and Asheville Offices

After a 25 year research career in physical biochemistry at National Institutes of Health and Duke University, Hope completed an MSPH degree at UNC School of Public Health, then began providing technical assistance to communities at Superfund sites. She became Executive Director of Clean Water for North Carolina, a science based Environmental Justice organization, in 1999. She has worked on issues ranging from water and sewer privatization to protection of well users, to preventing hydraulic fracturing and unneeded, damaging oil and gas infrastructure. A member of EPA’s National Drinking Water Advisory Council from 2009 to 2012, Hope has focused on rural safe drinking water issues. She is also a dairy goat farmer and works to deepen CWFNC ties with rural communities across the state to protect our surface and ground water.

hope [at] cwfnc.org

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