Do you receive your drinking water from a public community water system? Learn how to access and understand your utility’s Annual Drinking Water Reports (also called Consumer Confidence Reports)!

Public community water systems are publically owned and operated city, town, and county-wide utilities, as well as private investor-owned utilities.

In North Carolina, Annual Water Quality Reports (also called Consumer Confidence Reports, or CCRs) are sent out by utilities around June or July each year. The reports must first outline what the source is (e.g. aquifer, lake, or river) as well as any contaminants in the water, the level and type of risk the contaminants may impose on the consumer, and possible health effects of consuming the water. The report must also contain information about treatment methods, educational materials for the consumer outlining common contaminants such as lead and arsenic, and contact information for the water system if the consumer has any questions.

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Utilities distribute these reports in different ways, based on the size of their customer base, but the easiest way to access a copy of your water utility’s Annual Water Quality report is by contacting them directly!

The Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) passed in 1974 to protect the United States’ drinking water supplies and their sources from naturally occurring and manmade contaminants. All public community water systems throughout the United States fall under the jurisdiction of the federal SDWA, with state agencies, like our NC Dept. of Environmental Quality, ensuring compliance through overseeing testing, monitoring, and issuing violations.

In 1996, the SDWA was amended to include the requirement that water systems must distribute an Annual Water Quality Report.

Annual Water Quality Reports are crucial to the consumer for a variety of reasons. They can alert the consumer to health risks, help the consumer decide whether or not they will consume the water, and provide you with direct contact information for utility staff who can answer any questions consumers may have.

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Clean Water for NC is also here to help – please contact Rachel Velez at if you need assistance in English finding or understanding your utility’s report.

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