Making the Invisible Visible During World Water Day 2022

We may not be able to see it, hear it, or feel it, but groundwater is one of the most valuable resources our planet has to offer. This invisible treasure is a lifeline for millions of people across the globe who rely on it to sustain drinking water supplies, sanitation systems, farming, and ecosystems. Human activities and over-use by industries continue to threaten this precious resource at a time when sustainable groundwater management should be a priority for adapting to the climate crisis. 

World Water Day falls on March 22nd, and this year’s theme acknowledges the importance of groundwater and the work that needs to be done to protect it. 

Protecting NC’s groundwater resources is a focal point across our program work. Almost 3 million North Carolinians use unregulated private wells to access drinking water, especially in our most rural, low-income regions. By providing educational materials, policy recommendations, and testing resources for low-income individuals, our team is dedicated to safeguarding this community lifeline and “Making the Invisible Visible” year-round.


Just a few ways you can become a groundwater advocate!


  • Join our NC Well User Network! Receive weekly "Well Water Wisdoms" to read about common groundwater contaminants, testing & treatment options, policy updates, and more
  • Check out our Well User Protection program! Learn about private well testing resources in your county, creating a testing schedule, and how to directly connect with state officials for treatment, maintenance and construction questions
  • Become a CWFNC member! Help support our groundwater monitoring activities across the state - even the smallest gift amount can make a difference!

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World Water Day Events & Resources! Official webpage for the global United Nations observance day held on March 22nd

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