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CWFNC staff and allies stand with impacted residents to call for complete excavation of Duke Energy’s toxic coal ash pits

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Fracking & Fracked Gas Pipelines: Hydraulic fracturing or “fracking” is a method of extracting natural gas that involves blasting underground rock thousands of feet into the ground with a cocktail of sand, water and chemicals. Fracking is not currently allowed in NC, but shales underlying 14 NC counties have caught gas companies’ interest. We are working to educate North Carolinians about the potential social, economic, health and environmental impacts of fracking.

Water Justice Campaign: This work draws attention to the critical need for protection of the public’s drinking water—both quality and quantity—as a basic human right. We lead outreach and workshops on drinking water rights and systems, work with communities impacted by privatized drinking water and wastewater, and advocate for protection of North Carolinians’ basic water rights.

Coal Ash: Clean Water for NC believes the storage and disposal of coal ash waste is an environmental justice issue, often impacting the most vulnerable communities, and we are committed to working with those communities to organize for just solutions to NC’s coal ash mess.

Factory Farms: In 2019, it came to CWFNC’s attention that poultry operations were spreading across North Carolina at an alarming speed. Our state agencies were not only lax in regulating these facilities, but they did not know where or how many existed.