Environmental Concern? Clean Water for NC Wants to Hear from YOU!

Although we haven’t been able to work closely with community members on the ground during the pandemic, Clean Water for NC remains committed to fighting for Environmental Justice for ALL North Carolinians!

If you have concerns about an environmental issue in YOUR community, whether water, air, or soil related, please reach out to us and we will do all that we can to address your issue or connect you to someone who can. We know some topics may be sensitive to discuss, so our staff is ready and able to handle confidential phone calls if needed.

Some examples of common environmental concerns & questions:
-Discolored, odorous water coming from your tap
-Proximity to animal operations affecting quality of life; or concerns with impacts to air, drinking water quality
-Environmental & health concerns regarding proximtiy to an industrial facility
-Concerns about private well contamination
-How do I test my private well?
-Who do I call about water & sewer rate questions?
-Who regulates the quality of my drinking water?

Taking action on these issues strengthens communities and helps create safe, just environments for everyone, and we’re here to help!

Executive Director:
Veronica Oakler:

Asheville Office:
Amanda Strawderman

Shelby Cline

Durham Office:
Rachel Velez

Christine Diaz

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