Happy Holidays from CWFNC: A Year of Thanks!

Another uniquely challenging year is coming to an end, as many communities continue to struggle with economic insecurities, health burdens, and social justice challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While work on-the-ground again remained limited in 2021, we have done our very best to stay in touch with community members by email, phone, and Zoom, as well as to plan, inform and advocate for Environmental Justice.


This Holiday Season, we would like to reflect on the amazing work our team has accomplished in 2021 to address disparate environmental health impacts faced by our rural, low-income, and BIPOC neighbors.


Please enjoy our Photo Year in Review, and we look forward to sharing many more community successes with you in the New Year!

Our Northeastern Organizer, Belinda Joyner, speaks out against the polluting wood pellet industry and its Environmental Justice impacts on communities in North Carolina during a rally at the legislature building in Raleigh.

Rachel Velez, the Water Justice Program Director, organizes private well testing bottles in preparation for an upcoming outreach campaign in Union County. A main focus of our project is to promote environmental health literacy in underserved communities.

July 5, 2021 marked the one year anniversary of the defeat of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline! While a victory for countless communities, we continue to review restoration plans and working with partners to restore easements back to property owners.

Clean Water for NC staff hosted our Fall Virtual Meeting in September focused on “The Intersection of Civil Rights & Environmental Justice“! Many thanks to our speakers Belinda Joyner and Naeema Muhammad, as well as our 100+ participants!

Amanda Strawderman, Polluter Accountability Program Director, monitors air emissions from an industrial animal waste-to-energy plant in Anson County. She sits on the NC CAFO roundtable and is working with groups to develop Environmental Justice policies requiring permitting authorities to consider EJ and cumulative impacts of a proposed facilities.

Clean Water for NC joins in celebration with all the groups and community members who have worked effortlessly to STOP the MVP Southgate extension from cutting through North Carolina. In early December, it was announced that the VA Air Board denied a key permit for the Southgate project – a massive victory for our land, air, water, and communities!

As with all our work, these actions and successes could not have been possible without the support of our dedicated membership. Consider making a gift today to promote our work towards Environmental Justice for all NC communities.

Happy Holidays! We hope for a peaceful, prosperous and joyous season for you as we head into 2022.


Our offices will be closed December 22nd – December 31st. If you have any questions or concerns and would like to contact a member of staff, please email our Executive Director, Veronica Oakler: veronica@cwfnc.org

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