Monitoring Kick-off! Working together to inform the public through Community Science

This summer, Clean Water for North Carolina is re-engaging our environmental monitoring efforts to prepare for our Community Science programs!

Asheville staff Amanda Strawderman and Shelby Cline (pictured below) recently conducted air monitoring and water testing near the Pee Dee River. While on their trip, they caught glimpses of industrial-sized chicken houses (often known as poultry CAFOs or factory farms), dodged poison ivy, met a friendly cat with her four kittens, and managed to gather some data while they were at it. 

This monitoring trip was the kickoff of a much broader project to collect data on air and water quality near potential pollution sources, such as CAFOs or animal waste-to-energy plants. For air monitoring, once data is collected it is posted on a public site where community members, legislators, and other interested folks can see levels of particulate matter (PM2.5) that were measured at a given time and location. PM 2.5 – which can cause a host of respiratory maladies – refers to a category of microscopic particles that can be emitted into the air as a result of industrial activities. As more data is gathered, the hope is that a more complete picture of impacts from different types of operations comes together to inform communities and decision-makers.  

A big thank-you goes out to our partner organizations for their support. Air monitors loaned to us by Clean Air Carolina, along with guidance from Larry Baldwin of the Waterkeeper Alliance in scouting out locations for stream samples, helped make this trip happen.

But we also couldn’t do this great work without YOU!

Your support as members of the CWFNC community makes our work possible. Our campaigns are informed by your watchdogging, concerns, and advocacy efforts, while your donations help expand our reach and fund sampling efforts. Want to help inspire us and keep our work afloat? Please consider volunteering, donating, or letting us know if you have a concern in your area!

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