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2020 will forever be etched in our minds and hearts, having lost so much and so many to COVID-19. On top of a global pandemic, we witnessed (even participated in) increased awareness of health, racial, and economic justice issues being raised to new heights. If we have learned anything over the past year, it’s that life is precious and delicate, and that it is time for a new normal!

We’re getting ready to reopen our offices toward the end of summer and reenter the world of on-the-ground organizing, in addition to the virtual “new normal” world.

Get involved! 
We have 3 easy ways you can take action as we grow our capacity:

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With your support, NC communities have been able to celebrate the closure of unlined Coal Ash impoundments, defeat of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, and growing Language Equity in public water systems, to name a few.

Our work continues… We certainly are ready to get back out in our communities, especially to ensure our new normal keeps Environmental Justice and Health square in focus!

Yours for Environmental Justice,
The Clean Water for North Carolina Team
Veronica, Belinda, Amanda, Rachel, Shelby, and Chris

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