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Our Water Justice Campaign organizes customers of private, for-profit water utilities like Aqua NC and Carolina Water Service, to hold these corporations accountable for poor water quality, astronomical rates, and inadequate customer service practices.

As customers of corporate for-profit water companies, these community members have no say about how these corporations are run, but through grassroots organizing in their communities for action at the NC Utilities Commission, we continue to make sure their voices are heard! Recent victories include the NC Utilities Commissioners ordering Aqua NC to improve their customer service practices and fix water quality issues relating to iron and manganese contamination, which causes discolored and putrid smelling water.  We continue to work with these water customers to truly hold these corporations accountable and keep them from raising rates until they deal with the myriad of drinking water concerns customers continue to face.

If you are a customer of Aqua NC or Carolina Water Service and would like to connect with other customers to fight for safe, affordable drinking water, please visit our pages on Water Justice and sign up to receive Water Justice Updates for important news and announcements on water quality and rates!

Well user protection has been a cornerstone of Clean Water for NC’s work since the beginning, and we are dedicated to continue working for stronger protections for NC’s 3 million+ well users throughout the state. Did you know that if your well was drilled before July 2008, our state did not require testing for common contaminants that might be in your drinking water? We can help guide you toward getting your well water tested, based on what threats may be close to your well.

Let’s work together to protect our vital groundwater for millions of North Carolina well users! Join our NC Well User Network to connect with well users across the state working for more protections and more funding to help well users get safe replacement water!

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