Celebrating EJ Victories! New ‘Clean Currents’ Newsletter!

“Clean Currents” is our organization’s quarterly newsletter featuring our current campaign work, drinking water news and opportunities to get involved!

As we enter the holiday season, we would like to share a hopeful message of community victories that we are thankful for – and know you will be too!

Families in Eastern NC received a win after an agreement was settled between CleanAIRE NC, NC DEQ, and Align RNG – a massive biogas processing facility in Sampson Co. – requiring the facility to place new restrictions on operations and limit harmful emissions of sulfur dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Under the settlement, Align RNG is required to be more transparent with air emissions reporting, giving impacted communities an opportunity to verify and enforce compliance.

The passage of the general permit for biogas in the NC Farm Act of 2021 was a blow to communities adversely impacted by the hog lagoon and sprayfield system. DEQ’s EJ Board (EJEAB) was alerted and has now twice this year exercised its highest authority by issuing advisory statements to the DEQ Secretary on this issue in favor of communities!

The NC Real Estate Commission has made huge steps in ensuring prospective homeowners looking to purchase a property with a private well are educated on testing resources, possible contaminants in the area, and how to maintain the quality of their drinking water. (More on p. 3)

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