Reconnecting With Communities!

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Here at Clean Water for NC, we are a team of dedicated individuals working with communities to protect our water and air, and to combat cumulative and disparate impacts on rural, low wealth, and BIPOC communities. Much of our work is interwoven to not only take on a cause ourselves, but to ensure communities have the necessary tools available to lead the charge!

We have reinstated our community science and air & water monitoring efforts, reinvigorated our volunteer program, and hope to get back to conducting speaking engagements, tabling, door-to-door outreach, continued advocacy, and more. Our statewide partnerships with academic and advocacy groups also continue to grow and have allowed us to access more resources to further our mission of safe, clean water and empowered communities. We are excited to announce that we’ve been collaborating with a team at UNC to draft policies and organize outreach to private well users in rural NC counties!

Whether you’re a new member or long-standing partner, let’s join together to reconnect and re-engage in our community organizing. So, what matters to you? What issues are you facing in your communities? What do you think? We would love to hear from you and are excited to see your smiling faces again!

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