• Our Policy Wishlist for Private Well Users in 2022!

    Direct advocacy with communities on the ground for safe water and clean air is just one part of our Environmental Justice work! Policy development is a key aspect to ensure […]

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  • Happy Holidays from CWFNC: A Year of Thanks!

    Another uniquely challenging year is coming to an end, as many communities continue to struggle with economic insecurities, health burdens, and social justice challenges during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. While […]

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  • REPORT: “A Pandemic’s Impact – Utility Disconnections, Evictions & Houselessness”

    Clean Water for NC has been involved in advocating for low-income North Carolinians against utility rate increases for years, and we saw new concerns emerge with COVID’s significant financial hardship […]

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  • Safe Drinking Water for ALL this Giving Tuesday!

    Hi friend!

    This is Rachel Velez, Water Justice Program Director for Clean Water for North Carolina. I work directly with low income, rural, and BIPOC communities to help address drinking water concerns, provide resources for water testing, and educate individuals on their drinking water rights.

    We are a small team with a HUGE vision: Safe, affordable drinking water for ALL North Carolinians!

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  • Celebrating EJ Victories! New ‘Clean Currents’ Newsletter!

    “Clean Currents” is our organization’s quarterly newsletter featuring our current campaign work, drinking water news and opportunities to get involved! As we enter the holiday season, we would like to […]

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  • MVP Southgate & Continued Resistance

    This article is by CWFNC volunteer James Lopez Residents throughout the Appalachian states of Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina have united in protest against Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) and […]

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  • NC Legislature Finalizing Redistricting Maps – Be A Voice For YOUR Community!

    Our General Assembly is preparing to finalize the redistricting maps that could shape the state’s politics for a decade. Why Redistricting Matters! This is how funding is determined for communities, […]

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  • Acknowledging the Sacred Indigenous Lands of North Carolina

    “Our country was conceived on a promise of equality and opportunity for all people — a promise that, despite the extraordinary progress we have made through the years, we have […]

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  • Clean Water for NC Fall Meeting Follow-Up Resources!

    Our Fall Annual Meeting explored the Intersection of Civil Rights and Environmental Justice with guest speakers Naeema Muhammad and Belinda Joyner, who have years of experience as EJ leaders in […]

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  • “Critical Infrastructure” Anti-Protest Legislation Targets Pipeline Protestors

    This article has been contributed by CWFNC volunteer Hannah Budds All images in this post are from the 7 Directions of Service Water Walk along the proposed MVP Southgate route. […]

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  • Clean Water for North Carolina 2021 Virtual Fall Meeting!

    View the Meeting Program!Receive a Recording of Our Fall Meeting!Registration closed! Our event was held on Saturday, Sep. 25th, but please visit back shortly for additional resources and to access […]

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  • Reconnecting With Communities!

    “Clean Currents” is our organization’s quarterly newsletter featuring our current campaign work, drinking water news and opportunities to get involved! Clicking the button will direct you to our Newsletters page, […]

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  • One Year Later, Colonial Pipeline Spill Continues to Raise Pipeline Safety Questions

    This article is being contributed by Clean Water for North Carolina volunteer Mary Pope Bourne. Visit our website to learn more about our volunteer opportunities! On August 14th, 2020, Colonial […]

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  • 2020 Annual Drinking Water Reports Available!

    If your drinking water is served by a public community water system, you should now be able to access your utility’s 2020 Annual Water Quality Report! The Federal Safe Drinking […]

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  • Private Well User? Take the Survey to Help Us Help YOU!

    Clean Water for NC is excited to get back on the ground and work to strengthen protections for our state’s 3 million+ well users To help us better understand community […]

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  • Monitoring Kick-off! Working together to inform the public through Community Science

    This summer, Clean Water for North Carolina is re-engaging our environmental monitoring efforts to prepare for our Community Science programs! Asheville staff Amanda Strawderman and Shelby Cline (pictured below) recently […]

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  • Reach Out & Get Involved for Environmental Justice!

    2020 will forever be etched in our minds and hearts, having lost so much and so many to COVID-19. On top of a global pandemic, we witnessed (even participated in) increased awareness of health, racial, and economic justice issues being raised to new heights. If we have learned anything over the past year, it’s that life is precious and delicate, and that it is time for a new normal!

    We’re getting ready to reopen our offices toward the end of summer and reenter the world of on-the-ground organizing, in addition to the virtual “new normal” world.

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  • Juneteenth – A Day to Acknowledge & Celebrate

    Juneteenth National Independence Day is our nations first federal holiday established since Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This year, Juneteenth will be commemorated on Saturday, June 19th.

    “Juneteenth being made a Federal Holiday is long overdue. It’s sad that our children weren’t taught Black History in school. Had they been taught they would know all the GREAT things we as Black people contributed to the World in which we live.”
    – Belinda Joyner, Clean Water for NC

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  • Help Protect NC Communities from Dirty Biomass Projects

    In North Carolina, black, brown, Indigenous, and low-income communities are disproportionately impacted by confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), Superfund sites, coal ash facilities, biogas operations, and wood pellet plants. Although […]

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  • Testing Before Real Estate Transfers to Protect Private Well Users!

    It is estimated that over 3 million North Carolinians use private wells for their drinking water, and NC has the fourth highest number of private well users in the country. While there is no statewide database tracking the annual number of real estate transfers in NC, it would not be a stretch to state that tens of thousands of properties are bought or leased annually without the buyer or lessee having any information on the quality of their property’s private well.

    Because North Carolina law only mandates the testing of private wells that were drilled after July 2008, there is much that can be done to strengthen well user protection and NC DEQ’s understanding of the quality of our state’s groundwater.

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  • Letter from your ED: “Thank You for 22 Years, Hope!”

    We have been one blessed organization, enjoying the knowledge, skills, and expertise of Hope Taylor, our former Executive Director for 22 years.  Even before Hope took on the ED role in 1999, she was an active participant and volunteer of Clean Water for North Carolina (CWFNC).  As your new ED, I have some big shoes to fill and the shoulders of a giant on which to stand.

    As I stepped into this amazing position, I was honored that Hope offered to stay onboard for several weeks through the transition and to remain an active participant in our incredible non-profit.  With Hope officially retiring on April 30th, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the years of service and accomplishments Hope has led in her tenure with impacts well into our future.

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  • Tools Series for the Citizen Scientist in Your Community: NC SWAP Tool!

    This Earth Week, learn how to become an environmental expert in your community! In today’s digital world, online tools or web applications are a convenient way for public agencies like […]

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  • Environmental Concern? Clean Water for NC Wants to Hear from YOU!

    Although we haven’t been able to work closely with community members on the ground during the pandemic, Clean Water for NC remains committed to fighting for Environmental Justice for ALL […]

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  • Covid, Climate & Clean Water—Moving CWFNC Forward for Environmental Justice!

    You can sign up to receive our free newsletter by mail or online by clicking the button to the right. Also be sure to check out our other news digests!

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  • The International Challenge of World Water Day—March 22nd!

    As Clean Water for NC and all of our members and allies continue to work for Safe, Affordable Water for All in our state, it’s crucial to keep in mind that much of the world lacks the water and wastewater management that we’ve MOSTLY been able to take for granted in the US. The theme of this year’s United Nations World Water Day is “Valuing Water,” calling on individuals and nations to assess the complex multiple values water holds in our lives, health, culture and economies and making decisions to protect, restore and manage it accordingly.

    A strong focus of this year’s celebration is achieving Sustainable Development Goal 6: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all” by the UN’s target date of 2030. The SDG’s are all very ambitious, including eliminating poverty in all of its forms by 2030 (SDG #1), but they are all rooted in achieving long overdue justice for all of Earth’s people. While the extreme impact of Covid-19 on health, economies and even culture has pushed us all further back on many of these goals, now is the time to recommit to the shared work and increasing funding to achieve them!

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